Full Session - $450

The full session consists of a natural light shoot of approximately 3 hours, including a meeting at the top where we discuss your needs, wardrobe, and any requests by your reps. Rather than a set # of looks, we'll shoot however many we have time for in that period; for most clients, this works out to be 4-6 looks, depending on how long we spend on each look.

After the shoot, you will receive a download file including all of the shots from your session, as well as five complimentary retouches from your session. 

Half Session - $300

The half session consists of...half of a full session! Approximately 1.5 hours (averaging 2-3 looks), including a discussion at the top, three complimentary retouches, and a download of all the shots of the session 

If you have needs that aren't met by either of these packages, feel free to contact me, and we can talk about a session that works for you.


For other types of shoots, please email me directly for a quote.